Bridging Old and New

Expert OEO Studio

Dutch architecture firm OMA has turned the 16th-century landmark, Fondaco dei Tedecshi, in Venice into a 9,000-square-meter department store.


The original building was destroyed twice by fires and then rebuilt in its current form in 1506 although it has undergone many alternations since. In 1987, the building was listed as a monument, forbidding any major architectural changes.


OMA’s renovation is based on a number of strategic interventions and vertical distribution devices that support the new program while defining a sequence of public spaces and circulation routes.


The department store has been designed to stage a range of activities, from shopping to cultural events, social gatherings and everyday life. Rather than a nostalgic reconstruction project, the restoration continues the fondaco’s tradition of vitality and adaptation, adding another chapter to the building’s incomparable history.