Danish Bacon: Konstatin Nedergaard


Konstantin Neergaard is one of Denmark's best contributions to the street casting 'alternative' model phenomenon currently sweeping the fashion world.  His challenging haircut but strong features and direct stare have won him centre stage in shows and campaigns for some of the more avant-garde designers and even got him on the cover of Dansk magazine.  He talked to us about his work and future plans.


How were you scouted?  

At a party in Copenhagen


What has been your biggest experience until now?

My first runway ever was for Saint Laurent which I'll consider the biggest. I was new to the fashion world and it was in Los Angeles. Just the whole experience of being in the city and the show of course was amazing. People I met there were very inspirational as well..


What will be your dream job?

If you're talking modelling, a big campaign of course!


What is your plan after modelling?

I play music and enjoy making art and these days I'm applying for art academies. Fingers crossed.. After modeling I'd like to have a job in the fashion industry.