Design Classic


Q&A with Kristian Mathiesen, CEO of Ole Mathiesen A/S

Describe your design DNA?
The Classic Ole Mathiesen watch is considered a Danish Design Classic
claiming its place within the beautiful and internationally admired
Danish design tradition. All our watches have a strong DNA - signaling
purity | aesthetical logic | and simplicity

What made you become a watch designer?
I am an Architect and Industrial Designer and it was a natural
circumstance to develop watches for our family watch company

How do you seek inspiration?
The historic Danish design traditions holds a lot of treasures  designing
a new (classic) watch is about perspectives - from the small details
(where a tenth of a millimeter makes the difference) to the image and
signal of the watch from a distance - and of course all the things in

What is a typical day for you?
A normal day for me is in the office representing Ole Mathiesen as owner
and CEO to partners, clients and employees  a typical day working on a
new design (which is not that often) is very different - such days are
pure dedications - full days - many in a row - typically ending very late

If you should not have been a watch designer, what would you do?
When you first experience the extreme satisfaction of creating things,
ideas,  dreams - you need a creative (at least partly) job

What is the next step in terms of strategy and step for the future?
The strategy is to dedicate much more time in developing the Ole
Mathiesen watch brand : bigger collection | showcases | ad campaigns|
etc. etc. in order to make the Ole Mathiesen watches more attracting for
international watch retailers