Industry-Insider: Signe Ginsborg


Signe Ginsborg is the Brand Manager for Maria Black. We've had a talk with her about this season's punked jewellery trends.


What is the most interesting trend you see this season?

Not since the punk era have multiple earrings been so fashionable or pretty!
One of the booming trends for jewellery is piercings. Just look around and you'll see female ears punctured by more and more edgy jewels and we're not just talking about a few extra studs in the ear lobe. Also the piercing jewellery is no longer (fortunately) limited to industrialist pieces, the look is dominated by climbing rows of small, dainty hoops and tiny twinkling colorful diamonds and eclectic asymmetrical styles for the ear. 
And while you're personalizing and glimmering up your ear why don't you fake multiple piercings with a beautiful ear cuff combined with your piercings? The options are unlimited… and not only for teenagers. Piercings is hotter than ever regardless of age.


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