International Fashion Week?


These days there seems to be as many Fashion Weeks as there are major cities: pity the poor journalists or buyers who have to cover them all. But, as the landscape of fashion collections and presentations changes with combined mens and womens shows and the see-now-buy-now phenomenon, cities are realising they need to do more than throw a couple of receptions and schedule local talent’s runway shows to attract the nomadic fashion set.

Interestingly, Copenhagen Fashion Week looks like it might be taking the first steps in establishing itself as a more international event, perhaps manoeuvring itself into the role of Scandinavian or even Northern Europe Fashion Week… Last season saw a couple of Swedish brands showing here rather than on home ground - mens label Uniforms for the Dedicated for example. This season sees a Norwegian fashion event featuring rising stars such as Diemme and Iben and also shows by Ukrainian Domanoff and Lithuanian-based Diana Kuzmickaite. It could be a smart way of making the fashion week more important (and save the fashion pack a lot of flying…)