Interview with Luuk Van Den Broek and Sabine Marcelis

Expert Maria Foerlev

Dutch designers Luuk van den Broek and Sabine Marcelis are in Copenhagen to exhibit their joint exhibition Tincture at Etage Projects. Tincture is a showcase of Marcelis’ voie-lights and van den Broek’s experimentation with electrolytical, galvanized zinc.

Tincture seeks to redefine colour and material as sensual, subjective experiences rather than static entities. The title underlines the dynamic and artistically-composed character of their work, and illustrates that it is not about just one colour or one shade.

“It is more about all the possibilities of colour. To somehow show the experience of colour,” Luuk says.

Luuk’s work manages to grasp many colours in one, as it changes depending on the light, the time of day and your own position in space. His work invites you to sense it, to experience it.

“I wanted to keep the shape more open, it is more towards sculpture,” Luuk explains.

Similarly, Sabine’s voie lights invite the viewer to reassess the notion of a static colour, with the vibrant combination of bright neon light and semi-transparent coloured resin. Marcelis also presents her project Incalescence, a wall clock that shows the passage of time through a change in colour. Heat sensitive paint allows white zones to appear on a black surface to indicate the hours and minutes.


Experience - Luuk van den Broek, Sabine Marcelis and Etage Projects