Jonas Rask

Jonas Rask is the Founding Director of RASK Travel, one of Europe’s most recognised boutique travel design consultancies.

With bureaus in London, New York, Turin, Mumbai and Tel Aviv, RASK caters to the world’s travel elite (both leisure and business travellers). The company’s clients most often hail from the world of design, fashion, sports, art and media, and the client files range from fabulous honeymoons to product launches and indulgent family vacations to day-to-day corporate travel.

Now based in London, Jonas is originally from Denmark and has a background in sociology. He sits on numerous luxury travel advisory boards, including the acclaimed LE Miami Leadership Lab, and is often called upon to comment on trends and news in the world of luxury travel.

Jonas is furthermore the founder of the Little Black Book of Travel, RASK Reviewed (


Jonas can be reached at: