Simply Red

Expert Anne Staunsager

Its sophisticating, classy and simple, and french women have made it their trademark. Im talking about the red lipstick, that is not to be overlooked this season. If you choose a matte liquid version, you will also follow the trend in lipsticks that has overcome the world of beauty, and is now a nice soft texture that is flexible and long lasting, compared to the older version that could feel way too dry and flaky.

If you choose a bright red lip, I find it very beautiful to keep the rest of the face clean, focusing on making the skin look flawless and only add mascara, Its modern and gives you a young fresh look. Here is how to do it:


Clean your skin, moisturize it well and add your favorite foundation. Remember that shiny skin is younger looking and dry skin looks older. So dont be afraid to let it shine or even add some ekstra highlighter. Use a concealer to cover up any blemishes so your skin will seem flawless. My favorite foundation is Face and Body foundation from MAC.

Give your eyes a subtle frame of mascara. My favorite is So Couture from LÒreal.

Make your brows look well groomed and full by using Brow by Mii brow sculptor.

Use a lipliner to shape your lips so they will look plump and flawless. Top it with a matte lipstick or a matte liquid lipstick to finish it off. I love the “cherry” lipliner from MAC and “Outlaw Brick Red” liquid lipstick from Kat Von D.

To add some freshness to your face, use a tiny bit of the lipstick on your finger and dap it on your cheeks.