Talking with Kueng Caputo


Swiss-born Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo together form the partnership Kueng Caputo. They are behind many interesting art series and exhibitions which usually consist of a wide range of colors.


Describe your creative universe - what made you become an artist?
We like to discuss politics, social empowerment, the direction civilisation is aiming towards - to question things, build with our hands, to be curious, to analyse, understand. We love colors, proportions and coffee. We don't know how this made us end up being artists.

Who is your hero? And how does that influence your work?
People who stand for the rights of others and stand up for their own rights...


If you should not have been an artist, what would you do?

Maybe we would just be space-headed truckdrivers.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
The only thing we really wish is to be surrounded by people who we love and to do what we love. Not to become lazy to agree trading compromise against honesty. It would be the end for the creativity.


And finally tell us something about yourselves that we don't know?
We prefer to talk about the thing we do, things that we could do, things that should be done.


Portrait by Suter Caputo

Experience - Kueng Caputo