Velvet Touch

Graham Addinall

Velvet has always been associated with richness, luxury and sensuality and, in these rather troubled times, it’s no surprise that the fabric is having a bit of a resurgence as people feel the need for something soft and reassuring.  Timely then that Dolce and Gabbana - no strangers to a nostalgic view of the world themselves - have introduced the latest in their long-running series of fragrances - Velvet Cypress.

Bottled in a classic crystal flask with velvet trimmed stopper, Velvet Cypress is broadly based at the male market (though the whole series is branded as unisex).  It is inspired by the Italian landscape but no worries, you won’t smell like a Sicilian farmer  this is an upmarket product so expect a heady mix of cedar, lemon, sage and bergamot.  Dolce Vita indeed.